Sanitizer Clean Pine Gel (pouch type)

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Product name : Clean Pine Gel (sanitizer gel for hands)
Specification :  Single-use type,  Alcohol 70%, Moisturize, Fragrance free
Production Capacity  :  2.5 Million units/month  (1 unit = 20 pouches, 1 pouch =  0.05 oz.)
FOB PriceUS$2.0/unit
MOQ* : 200,000 units  (First order size at least 100,000 units)
Payment method :

            - Upon order 50%

            - Upon Factory shipment confirmation 50%


FDA approved
More information available upon request

   (*: MOQ = Minimum Order Quantity) 


All prices in the document are FOB price.

Ship-out time means the amount of time from the initial payment 
 to the actual loading of product by air or by sea.
üFor example, 1 Mil. pcs of masks will be 
  shipped out in 5 days upon the initial payment. 
  If via air, it will take 1-2 days of actual delivery time.
Due to the overwhelming orders from many countries, 
  there could be delays in the delivery due to the difficulty 
  in booking flights and ships to all countries.
The shipping rates, by sea and by air, fluctuate very much. 
  You have to check the rates every day.
Although even with the utmost management of the production, 
  the products delivered from China do not have 
  a consistent ship-out time dependent on the local situation.

All countries want to receive lots of supplies due to COVID-19, 

  but we are selling at the request of the Korean government. 

  Depending on the Korean government's decision, the delivery schedule may change. 

Tel : 82-31-429-5315

e-MAIL :


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